On my writing style then and now

2014-03-11 14:10 (UTC)
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When I accidentally opened an old file folder in my external HDD, I saw the stuff I wrote before. Some were cringe-worthy, some are decent, and some made me question "did I actually write this?". I wrote long descriptions of everything. I remember when the facilitator for our school paper in high school said I write well, but I wasn't meant for news writing because I make an event sound like a story, so she transferred me to the Features section where I could write prose and poetry to my heart's content.

Then I underwent a long writing hiatus, only for it to be broken by joining NaNoWriMo. I failed, but at least I started writing again. I then wrote a fanfic entry for a writing challenge, which was so good (in my opinion) that it became a good luck charm for my writing career.

After that, I noticed that first, I went for the "less is more" principle; I leave out the images of a certain scene to the readers. I don't write that lengthily. I also picture my story like a movie; I write scenes, and I don't follow a straight and linear path of storytelling. I do write vivid descriptions if needed, but sometimes...it really helps to leave things up to the readers, so I focus on dialogues more nowadays.

I enjoy writing. I enjoy the journey. Writing has always been my secret dream, and this is the one thing I don't want to have regrets about. I also don't write for fame (though recognition makes me happy), but I write for myself; I write the stuff I would like to read. So I'm not giving this dream up.
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